If you are looking for someone who can energize a crowd and also send them home with real solutions to make a difference in their operations, David Scott Peters is your guy. Click on the link below to be contacted to learn more.


45 min - 90 min Speeches

David's focus is restaurant and hospitality operators and how to drive them to run the establishments of their dreams. His speeches are inspiring, funny and dynamic. Every one is a crowd-pleaser. Topic titles include: 
– The Secret Formula for Running a Profitable Restaurant
– The Secrets to Holding Your Management Team Accountable
– How to Give Up Ordering Without Giving Up Your Checkbook

3 hour - full day presentations

Give David 3-5 hours, and he'll teach a full course on topics such as lowering food cost, building and using a budget for profitability, finding the right target labor cost and then scheduling to it, and how to use systems to build a restaurant managers can run even when the owner isn't there. One example of a topic is:
– Take Back Your Budget & Your Profitability: The Key to Controlling Food, Beverage and Labor Costs

1 - 2 day seminars

David got his start with a 3-day workshop that taught independent restaurant owners how to run a profitable and successful restaurant. Now he has condensed versions of that curriculum he offers in one or two day workshops. These workshops are great for franchisees, independent operators of single- or multi-unit restaurants, a restaurant manager in training, and anyone looking to increase their knowledge to support restaurant operators.

Presentation by David Scott Peters

David has been a highly sought after speaker since 2003 when he first entered the circuit. David has wowed audiences from 30 to 500 at trade shows, food distributors, restaurant associations and hospitality groups. If you want a high-energy, dynamic presentation that will have your audience excited to go home and implement systems in their restaurants that help them make more money, get their lives back and have a solid management team... then look no further and hire David to speak at your next event.

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