#16: How to Prepare for Massive Increase in Restaurant Sales

March 17, 2021 by David Scott Peters

In this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast, host David Scott Peters talks about the massive increase in restaurant sales that is coming for every restaurant along with the quickest path to prepare for it. As vaccine shots go into more arms and restrictions are lifted in more cities and states, everyone who has been abiding by the stay-home recommendations is going to flooding businesses like restaurants. They want to eat in restaurants, not just order take out from restaurants. They want drinks on the patio, not the take-home version of the cocktails you serve. They’re coming. Are you ready? Do you have the staff you need? Do you have the systems in place to maximize every dollar that comes into the restaurant? David provides nine things to do right now to prepare for success. For today’s discussion, David also talks about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and why it matters.

As states start relaxing restrictions and shots are going in arms, I have members who are sharing with me that they are experiencing record sales. Are you in a position to handle the surge in business?

I am going to share with you not only the key systems you need to have in place, but the mindset shift that is critical to your success. The beautiful part about this episode is that everything I'm going to share with you has already been put into place by hundreds of restaurant owners before you. You can achieve similar results.  

There's a storm coming. People can't stand being confined to their homes. And after a year of restrictions, people want things to go back to normal so badly. What does this mean for you, the restaurant owner?

For one, you probably don't have enough team members to handle the business that's coming. For example, I just had a group coaching call where three or four of my members talked about having record sales. I'm not talking about pandemic record sales. I'm talking about record sales. As businesses start opening back up, people want to get back out. And the truth of the matter is, even for my members, they were in a position where they had to jump in that business to handle it. No they’re all racing to get people hired and enough supervisors in place.

It's been touch and go in the restaurant industry for a year. Maybe like some of my members, you aren't looking forward far enough and you’re going to find yourself unprepared for the flood of customers coming your way. They’re coming, and I want to help you prepare for them.

As a restaurant coach, my goal is to fire you from the day-to-day work in your restaurant. I want you to work on your business, not in your business. But the pandemic forced us into a position where we had to do whatever had to do. You were on the line again. You were serving people. You were doing whatever it took to survive. And I can understand you not wanting to jump the gun and hire a bunch of people. Things still aren’t stable. Depending where you are in the country, you've either had really lax rules and it's been no big deal, or you've been in damn near full shutdown on and off several times. I can understand there being a little bit of fear. But I’m warning you the new storm is all the people coming your way.

What do you need to have in place to be able to handle the oncoming storm?

First you have to change your mindset or make sure you've got the right mindset. It’s important to lean more toward a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset? A fixed mindset is something that is extremely limiting to you because fixed mindset people think they can’t learn more, there is a limit to their abilities, that they’ve done the best they can do with what they know or their special skillsets. But running a restaurant is not about natural ability. It's about a willingness to learn, even from, or especially from, our failures.

I can tell you to a person, the restaurant owners I work with are driving their businesses and lives using a growth mindset. A person with a growth mindset expects they can learn to do anything they want. There are no limiting beliefs. There are no social stereotypes. It doesn't matter: education, race, nationality. Somebody with a growth mindset can learn anything because they want to. These people look at challenges and see challenges as a way to grow and evolve. There are always challenges in the restaurant business and it’s better for success to put yourself in a position where you look at these challenges not as problems, but as opportunities. People with a growth mindset say their effort and attitude determine their abilities. They try not to let their thought process go negative. They’re inspired by others’ successes.

"What do you think? Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Do you see the advantage to your business to have a growth mindset? You can change from a fixed to a growth mindset with practice."

If you're stuck with a fixed mindset, your job is to do everything to break that cycle, you must open your mind to possibilities. If you are already in a growth mindset, keep on trucking, baby. Keep moving forward on your journey of growth.

Plus in this episode, get the nine systems you can put in place now to prepare for the massive increase in restaurant sales that is coming your way.



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