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Learn What the Most Successful Restaurant Owners Do

Listen in to hear David Scott Peters break down what the most successful restaurant owners do to run restaurants that make money and give them personal freedom. He tells stories, teaches, interviews industry experts and some very successful independent restaurant owners.

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Restaurant Customer Service Following Jill Raff's Inside Out Framework

For this episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I talk with Jill Raff, a highly experienced customer experience strategist and author. Jill has a long list of restaurant experience that started in her family’s McDonald’s restaurant, store #150 in Ocala, Fla. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and worked in Harrods of London’s pastry kitchen as well as the 1-star Michelin Guido Ristorante, in Piemonte, Italy. 

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Restaurant Marketing That Works: An Interview with Matt Plapp

This week, I chatted with Matt Plapp  - a marketing pro for restaurant owners. He is also a speaker and author as well as a coach for other marketers and restaurant owners. I’ve spent a lot of time with Matt, and I think you’ll get a lot out of this conversation. Together we take a deep dive into his new book, Restaurant Marketing That Works, and how you can implement his system for attracting customers while maximizing your marketing dollars following his ABR system.

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Restaurant Pricing Strategies to Save Your 2021

Things are changing quick, aren't they? It was just two months ago I was in Las Vegas to speak at the Nightclub and Bar Show, and the main concern there was the shortage of employees, the new crisis at the time. Now there's another thing that is adding to this crisis: the shortage of food and the resulting increase in prices for restaurant owners. It is one of the largest increases in pricing on menu pricing since the ‘80s.

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