#35: An Unbeatable Resource for Fully Staffing Your Restaurant

December 15, 2021 by David Scott Peters

The U.S. and most of the world are experiencing a major labor shortage, making restaurant owners operate in fear mode, constantly worrying about restaurant staffing. In this episode of Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I’m talking with Ryan James, who, along with his wife, Neely, owns Mother’s Cantina in Ocean City, Maryland. They have two full-service TexMex restaurant locations, a commissary kitchen, a Shopify store and a presence on Amazon selling tortillas. He has extensive experience finding staffing solutions for his restaurants because he has a special challenge being in a resort town. You can listen to this episode wherever you get your podcasts or through this link.

Throughout our discussion, Ryan talks about the positives of hiring J1 workers, the process, the expectations and some of the cons. He also includes which companies he works with and the different advantages of each. These companies manage the red tape, some find housing for them, protect the workers, and make sure the employers are reputable and legitimate.

Ryan and I also talk about:

  • How the benefits outweigh the cost of the program
  • Why the workers are interested in participating in the J1 programs
  • The different seasonal options for getting J1 labor
  • How the US labor laws apply
  • How to train and support the new labor
  • How to coach managers
  • Some of the cons of the J1 labor option
  • Two great ways to use J1 workers, even if you’re not a highly seasonal business

HOT TIP: Ryan’s tip is to look for a company that specializes in your area of the country and the restaurant industry.

If you’re open to ideas outside your four walls to solve your labor challenges, J1 visa labor is a great avenue to explore.

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