#71: Creative and Efficient Ways to Interview Potential Restaurant Staff

May 3, 2023 by David Scott Peters

Just about every week during my group coaching calls with restaurant owners someone asks for tips on finding and hiring great employees.

Restaurant owners share their successes with things like how to write job descriptions to attract employees who want to work in a great culture, suggestions for where to place those job descriptions, how much to pay their employees in their different roles and what to look for in prospective employees.

Recently one of the restaurant owners in the group shared how he went about interviewing a huge number of people to work in his restaurant when he opened a new, bigger location. What he suggested was definitely not what anyone expected. In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Avery Ward, CEO of Little Italy Pizza in Groveport, Ohio, joins me to explain how he used a group interview model to hire an additional 20 employees after previously hiring around 25 new people for the new restaurant.

In a time when everyone is asking how and where to find quality employees, Ward managed to get 40 people to show up for two group interviews and hired about 20 of them.

Listen in to learn how this style of interviewing works and how you can apply it to your restaurant hiring process.


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