#100: The Key to Running a Great Restaurant Is Your Attitude

 June 12, 2024 by David Scott Peters

Achieving prosperity in the restaurant business means gaining financial freedom and the freedom to enjoy your life beyond the restaurant. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality you can attain by following a specific formula.

In this episode of my restaurant podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I take you through a critical component of that formula: the power of a professional attitude. Incorporating the principles I review in this episode can transform your restaurant.

Not only will you see improvements in customer satisfaction and sales, but you'll also create a thriving work environment for your team.

Consider Danielle, a restaurant owner who transformed her team by embodying professionalism. She began with herself, consistently showing up with a positive mindset despite challenges. Her attitude improved team morale and customer satisfaction.

During the pandemic, Danielle’s flexibility in shifting to a takeout model and adjusting her menu saved her business. She also built trust by creating a safe environment for her staff to voice concerns and ideas. Her example inspired her team, leading to a stronger, more resilient operation.

Remember, you already possess everything you need to be a real professional. Now, act like one and watch the results follow.


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