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Restaurant Prosperity Coaching

A complete program that offers step-by-step instructions to transform your restaurant – and life.

It is a fail-safe set of restaurant operational systems you need to run a highly profitable business combined with the guidance of the industry’s foremost restaurant expert.

Imagine being given the exact process to follow to achieve your dream restaurant – all while having the restaurant expert over your shoulder assisting you every step of the way.

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Step One

Out-of-the-box systems

A successful restaurant requires a specific set of operational systems that cover every area from the back to the front of the restaurant. Imagine having the systems ready to go.


Step Two

Video training on demand

In order to change your restaurant for the better, you have to train your management team on how to implement and use the systems. With a large video library that accompanies the systems, your management team can learn whenever they want or need.


Step Three

Expert coaching

The most successful entrepreneurs and athletes have a trusted coach. You are no exception. You need someone who pushes you to be your very best, to break out of your comfort zone, to take things to the next level. With the restaurant expert at your side, with his no-BS approach, you will be challenged and encouraged to achieve success.

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Implementing David's systems has changed our restaurant and our lives.

Ellie Grenauer, Glen Park Tavern

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