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Book My Discovery Call With David

Learn How Following 3 Key Principles Can Transform Your Restaurant in Just 24 Weeks

1. There is only one job you must do as a restaurant owner

2. You can't do everything yourself if you want anything to change

3. Focus on having the freedom to come and go as you please and the money will follow

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Fail-safe systems.
Restaurant expert coaching.

Combine proven step-by-step restaurant operational systems with coaching for accountability from an industry expert to get lower costs across the restaurant, build a responsible management team and become a strong leader.

Using David Scott Peters' systems has changed our business, improved our cash flow, and has given us the flexibility and freedom to really move the business forward.

Ryan Legaux, Harold & Belle'sRyan Legaux, Harold & Belle's
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Build a restaurant that runs your way, with or without you in it


Learn to proactively manage your business based on the numbers and achieve consistent financial results


Build a management team you can count on to get things done on time, your way

Expert Advice
Expert Advice

Have the restaurant expert as your coach to answer your questions, teach you and hold you accountable

Member Stories

I’ve helped thousands of restaurant owners and managers create the restaurant of their dreams.

In almost two decades of coaching restaurant owners and managers, I’ve developed fool-proof systems for every aspect of running a profitable restaurant. From management to the numbers and everything in between, I’ve got you covered.

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“David taught us that systems are a foundation to teach employees how to do the work. Systems take personalities out of it all and makes managing less emotional.”

Ryan Legaux · Harold & Belle's · Los Angeles, CA

Owners were flying by the seat of their pants and struggled with cash flow. They weren’t forecasting or making labor budgets. Knowing how to plan for expenses and budget accordingly has taken a lot of stress off of them.

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“I never slept on bill-paying day because I was so worried we wouldn’t have enough money in the bank. David improved our cash flow substantially and now sleep is not an issue.”

Ellie Grenauer · Glen Park Tavern · Buffalo, NY

When she started with David, their sales volume was $600k with a 65% prime cost. Ellie said David paid for himself in the first six months and today they’re at a 55% prime cost and their sales volume quadrupled.

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“With systems I do what I love in the restaurant and let my employees do their jobs. I’m not worried about the money because systems, like labor and purchase, give me control.”

Dan Dunsky · O'Brien's Crabhouse · Auburn Hills, MI

During the 2008 recession, Dan lost $200k in 18 months. He said David taught him everything he needed to know to make money. Sales came back and now he has much more control over what’s going on.

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“David taught us how to know what we should be making and then to understand why we are or aren’t making that money. It’s made a big difference in how we run our business.”

Peter & Larry Falisi · Two Guys Kitchen & Catering · Naples, FL

The brothers were doing everything themselves before David. Now they have managers following systems and plan their days and events better. They are also able to work on the future, not just today.

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“David’s systems were a gamechanger for us. We found a great team of people and taught them how to follow the systems and procedures, and I just make sure they’re followed.”

Price Gledhil · South Restaurant · Wenatchee, WA

When they opened their second restaurant, Price said they had good sales but were losing money. They started with David’s inventory system and were back in the black.

Want to work on your business, rather than in it? Would you like the financial and personal freedom to leave your business whenever you want?

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Implementing David's systems has changed our restaurant and our lives.

Ellie Grenauer, Glen Park Tavern

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