How AI Is Changing Marketing for Restaurants Ep 98

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How AI Is Changing Marketing for Restaurants Ep 98

A lot of restaurant owners think the secret to making money is marketing, but so often it ends up costing way more money than it ever generates because there is a right way and many wrong ways to do it. Since I focus on teaching restaurant owners how to make money through operational systems, I like to bring in outside experts to talk about restaurant marketing.

This episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast is a discussion with Erik Shellenberger. He is an author and owner of Bar Marketing Basics, a marketing firm that focuses on bringing in new customers into your restaurant or bar. Shellenberger is a repeat guest here. He has been on a quest to help restaurant and bar owners stop buying into the myth that other restaurant marketing companies are selling and start bringing in real traffic through your doors. I've brought him back not be just because his first episode was so popular but because he released a new book, "If I Could Give It Zero Stars, I Would." During our discussion he shares with you the importance of understanding how AI has changed what a restaurant needs to do to stay ahead of their competition and increase your sales. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of restaurant marketing, the emergence of AI has become a game-changer. Here are the key takeaways for restaurant owners looking to leverage AI effectively:

  1. AI-driven customer experience: Picture a future where AI assists customers in finding the perfect dining spot tailored to their preferences, from cuisine and menu options to pet-friendly policies and parking availability. Embracing AI means anticipating this shift and ensuring your online presence is optimized to meet these evolving customer demands.

  2. Optimized online presence: Your Google Business Profile is your digital storefront, and its optimization is paramount. From descriptive language to keyword-rich photo tags, every detail matters. Utilize tools like ChatGPT to craft SEO-friendly descriptions that appeal to both customers and search engines.

  3. Consistent data across platforms: Inconsistencies in business information across online directories can harm your visibility and credibility. Use services like online presence scans to ensure your data is accurate and uniform across all platforms, boosting trust with both customers and search algorithms.

  4. Reputation management: Responding promptly and professionally to customer reviews, both positive and negative, is crucial. AI can assist in crafting responses that maintain professionalism and address concerns effectively, contributing to a positive online reputation.

  5. Measurable results: The impact of AI-driven marketing strategies is measurable, with metrics like impressions and "get directions" clicks providing valuable insights into customer engagement and conversion rates. Embrace AI not just as a tool for efficiency but as a means to drive tangible business results.

The rise of AI presents both challenges and opportunities for restaurant owners. By embracing AI-driven marketing tactics, optimizing online presence and prioritizing reputation management, restaurants can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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