Don't Miss this Important Step in Pricing Your Restaurant Menu

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Don't Miss this Important Step in Pricing Your Restaurant Menu

Are you confident that your restaurant menu is driving profits, or could it actually be costing you money without you even realizing it? Today, I’m outlining a critical step in menu pricing that could make all the difference: yield testing, specifically focusing on high-cost proteins like brisket.

Understanding yield testing

Yield testing is a process essential for comprehending the amount of usable product after it has been prepared and cooked. In the case of brisket, this step is crucial for accurately assessing costs and ensuring profitability. Without proper yield testing, you could be unknowingly undercutting your margins.

Why yield testing brisket matters

Brisket, a beloved protein in many restaurants, carries significant costs and implications for menu pricing. It's a prime example of a high-cost item where yield testing is paramount. Without it, you might be losing money with every serving.

The process of yield testing for menu pricing

Conducting yield testing on brisket involves a straightforward process: 

  1. Preparation: Weigh the brisket before any trimming.
  2. Trimming: Remove excess fat, noting the weight loss.
  3. Cooking: Weigh the brisket again after cooking to determine the final usable weight.

By comparing these weights, you can calculate the yield percentage, which is crucial for accurate menu pricing and cost controls.

Why following this menu pricing procedure matters 

Understanding the yield of your brisket allows you to adjust pricing and portion sizes accordingly. It ensures that you're not undervaluing your dishes or overcharging your customers, ultimately safeguarding your profits.

Implementing yield testing

While understanding the concept of yield testing is essential, the real benefits come from implementing it consistently. Expand yield testing to other ingredients, educate your team, and integrate it into your daily operations for maximum effectiveness.

Yield testing, especially with high-cost items like brisket, embodies crucial principles for restaurant success: leadership, systems, training, accountability, and action. By incorporating yield testing into your menu pricing strategy, you can build a foundation for a profitable restaurant and achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Remember, prosperity in the restaurant industry is not just a destination but a journey marked by continuous learning, adaptation, and taking action. Until next time, keep cooking up success!

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