How to Fill Your Restaurant with NEW Customers

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How to Fill Your Restaurant with NEW Customers

One of the goals I have for restaurant owners is to get them to a place in their business where they work on bigger strategic projects, such as restaurant marketing, and to do it in a strategic and thoughtful way. Since in my work with restaurant owners, I focus on systems for operations, I like to leave restaurant marketing to the experts.

One such expert is on this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Erik Shellenberger. He is an author and owner of Bar Marketing Basics, a marketing firm that focuses on bringing new customers into your restaurant or bar, using the many sources and tools your customers turn to when they’re picking a restaurant, such as Google. Shellenberger is on a quest to help restaurant and bar owners stop buying into the myths that other restaurant marketing companies are selling so they can start bringing real traffic through your doors. Tune in to hear a great conversation between me and Shellenberger and to get ideas you can use immediately for marketing in your restaurant.

Shellenberger understands the hospitality industry. He came up from the restaurant trenches through childhood, working his way through the industry to eventually become the marketing director of the hottest nightclub groups in Old Town Scottsdale in Arizona. Today, Shellenberger’s company does not use the same old, worn-out social media methods that have been losing effectiveness over the past decade.

During our discussion Shellenberger touches on some really important restaurant marketing concepts, including:

  • The restaurant marketing myths that lead restaurant owners to make poor restaurant marketing choices.
  • Why social media is not an effective method for restaurant marketing.
  • Why you need to be careful of comparing your marketing efforts to another restaurant’s.
  • A simple trick for working out what marketing is working for your restaurant.
  • Tips for managing who has access to what in your online platforms.
  • Why it’s essential for your restaurant’s online presence to be consistent.
  • What online tools to focus on to drive new customers into your restaurant.
  • The power or review sites and how to make the most of them.
  • Why SEO is still an essential function to have success online.

Throughout this discussion, Shellenberger provides insight into specific and important areas of restaurant marketing that will help you bring new customers through your restaurant doors.

Take advantage of Erik’s offer:

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