Restaurant Owner Success Depends on This Person

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Restaurant Owner Success Depends on This Person

To join my coaching program for restaurant owners, you must have a right-hand person who can help you. I call this person your implementer. This person will learn with you but implement and do the work. This a requirement because as the restaurant owner, your attention can often be required in many other areas of the restaurant. Your implementer is there day in and day out, following the systems and keeping the systems moving forward.

In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I introduce you to Ciarra Adams. She has been in her family's restaurant for the past eight years. Her parents purchased Super Smokers BBQ restaurant with a 20-year history of award-winning barbeque in the St. Louis area. Her parents joined my group coaching program to put them on the path to freedom from their restaurant and the financial freedom they deserve. Adams was the implementer, and she made sure the systems were followed and moved forward, even when her parents got distracted with other issues and challenges. While her parents and Adams have graduated from the coaching program, she is still the steady hand for her parents. 

Adams shares her journey, the challenges faced by her family's restaurant, and the transformative impact of the program. She also shares a unique perspective as a family member in the restaurant.

An implementer is someone who believes in the program, possesses a commitment to learning, is capable of starting and completing projects, and can hold others accountable.

Adams shares the backstory of her family's restaurant, detailing her progression from dishwasher to eventually becoming a part of the ownership. The decision to join the program stemmed from the need for help, as Adams, now a mother, aimed to transition from daily involvement in the restaurant to higher-level business management. The interview touches on the challenges faced, the overwhelming nature of restaurant ownership, and the necessity of finding the right system for success.

Adams talks about her experience as an implementer in the coaching program, where she learned to delegate tasks, implement systems and build trust with her team. She emphasizes the importance of trusting the process, taking it one week at a time, and mastering each aspect before moving on to the next.

Adams also explains the significance of choosing the right implementor, highlighting the traits necessary for success. She underscores the importance of trust, leadership qualities and a shared passion for the restaurant's success.

Adams’ journey as an implementor showcases the transformative impact of the restaurant transformation program. Listen to discover the key elements that contribute to the success of an implementor, emphasizing the importance of trust, leadership and a shared commitment to the restaurant's prosperity.


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