Top 6 Ways to Improve Communication with Restaurant Managers

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Top 6 Ways to Improve Communication with Restaurant Managers

Are you tired of constantly reaching out to your managers for updates, only to hear the same frustrating "I don't know" response? It's time to put an end to this madness and empower your management team to provide you with the crucial data you need. Let’s cover six ways to improve communication with restaurant managers.

1. Implement a restaurant manager log
Let's ditch the outdated method of calling or texting for updates. Instead, create a tailored manager log. This tool ensures your managers answer key questions after each shift, covering everything from sales numbers to staffing and ticket times. Say goodbye to frantic phone calls and hello to immediate, organized updates.

2. Proactive text updates from restaurant managers
Flip the script by having your managers send you updates via text. Rather than asking if the food order was placed, have them text you details like the budget, expenses and order placement time. Set a rule that they must text you at least one hour before the order deadline, ensuring you're always in the loop and avoiding last-minute surprises.

3. Simple 3x5 card method
Equip your managers with a handy 3x5 card that has printed crucial questions. These are the questions you frequently ask, and managers can jot down the answers throughout their shifts. When you do call, they'll be ready with the information at their fingertips, promoting efficiency.

4. Daily briefing call with restaurant managers
Consider scheduling a daily briefing call where managers report on crucial numbers and updates. While this might not be everyone's cup of tea, it does help keep everyone aligned and builds a culture of accountability and transparency. However, be mindful of not hindering their decision-making abilities.

5. Leverage technology
Embrace project management software apps like Asana or These tools, while not restaurant-specific, allow managers to input daily stats and updates, creating a digital trail accessible anytime, anywhere. No more constant calls disrupting your restaurant – gain insights at your fingertips.

6. Reward proactive communication
Change your culture by recognizing and rewarding proactive communication. Acknowledge and reward managers and staff who consistently provide timely and accurate information. Whether through public acknowledgment, bonuses, or added responsibilities, create a culture that encourages proactive communication and leadership.

In the world of restaurant management, information is power. By implementing these six ways to improve communication with restaurant managers, you're on your way to transforming from a reactive to a proactive management style. Empower your team, streamline communication and watch as your restaurant efficiency and morale soar.

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