Use this Special Practice to Grow Your Restaurant Management Excellence

Use this Special Practice to Grow Your Restaurant Management Excellence

Have you ever heard of the emotional bank account? It's a principle that goes beyond personal development and becomes a cornerstone for restaurant management excellence. I’m going to explain how to use this special practice to grow your restaurant management excellence and explore how it can lead to happier employees, exceptional service, and ultimately, a more prosperous restaurant.

How to grow your restaurant management excellence

The emotional bank account is a concept derived from the iconic book, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," by Stephen Covey.

Imagine an actual bank account, but instead of dealing with money, it deals with emotions. Every interaction with somebody either deposits into or withdraws from the account – positive interactions deposit, negative ones withdraw. It's a simple yet profound principle, and in a high-pressure restaurant setting, how we manage our team can make all the difference.

In a restaurant, where every service moment counts, making consistent deposits into your employees' emotional bank accounts is not just a nice-to-have, it's essential. So, how do we make these deposits?

It starts with appreciation – genuine, heartfelt appreciation. Not just a casual "good job" thrown over your shoulder, but a recognition of their efforts and hustle every day.

Show your care for your team – it could be a personal note, a public shout-out, an extra day off, or even a simple, sincere thank you. These gestures can go miles. Every deposit builds trust, strengthens relationships, and most importantly, creates a cushion for when you need to make a withdrawal.

Why care for restaurant employees matters

Let's face it, there will be times when you have to give tough feedback, make hard decisions, or push your team out of their comfort zones. If your emotional bank account is overdrawn, these moments can lead to resentment, resistance, and even turnover. But when there is a healthy balance, your team knows it's coming from a place of care and commitment to their growth and the restaurant's success.

Creating a positive work environment isn't just about perks and pay. It's about making your team feel valued and appreciated through consistent positive deposits into their emotional bank account. Do this, and you'll not only see a happier, more cohesive team but also a more prosperous restaurant.

Start today – take a moment to make a deposit into somebody's emotional bank account. A little appreciation goes a long way in building the foundation for a successful, prosperous restaurant. Remember, leadership isn't just about directing; it's about connecting. And what better way to connect than by ensuring your team knows they're truly valued?

Operating an emotional bank account with your employees will transform the way you lead your team and create a positive, thriving work environment. Keep making those deposits and watch your restaurant and its people thrive.

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