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7 Reasons Restaurant Manager Logs Are Critical

Restaurant communication is very important. You can drastically improve communication and reduce stress with a restaurant manager log. Click the video below to watch or keep scrolling to read the seven reasons why you need a restaurant manager log for daily communication.  

When it comes to deciding about what kind of manager log you should use, I will leave that up to you. Just make sure it’s something all your managers can easily access and will use. Three-ring binder work best?...

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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Manager Log

This is a quick tip with a big impact. I want to give you three reasons why a manager log is an essential tool for your restaurant. Click below to watch the video tip or continue scrolling to read it.

A manager log is a critical tool in your business and here are the top three reasons.

Number one, it holds your management team accountable because you get to set the criteria for the information you want to know. You set the list of questions managers must answer by shift and/or by day, and...

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