Running a Restaurant Starts with Restaurant 101

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If you’ve watched any of my tip videos, read any articles I’ve written, or heard me speak on a stage at a food show, you’ve heard me mention Restaurant 101. What do I mean by Restaurant 101? Watch this video, or keep scrolling, for the breakdown of what I mean by Restaurant 101.

If you're familiar with the information I share with you on a regular basis, you know I'm here to help you make more money, get your life back and have a management team know their job. When you have a management team who knows their job, you have freedom to leave your business and work on the parts of if you love the most. And you’ll make the money you deserve.   

Let's talk about this thing called Restaurant 101. What is that?

Restaurant 101 is the very first thing that must happen your business. Before put together the checklists and cash controls, before you get into the myriad of systems I teach to help you get your life back and make the money you deserve. Because ultimately, if you don't do Restaurant 191 right, your restaurant sucks.

Do I have your attention? OK, let’s break it down. Restaurant 101 is simply great hospitality.

  • It's hot food hot.
  • Cold food cold.
  • A clean safe work environment for guests and employees.
  • It’s WOW customer service and an incredible product.

Great hospitality checks all those boxes and is restaurant basics. You see, you’re not in the food business. You’re in the experience business. The business of making memories. If you’re just in the food business, your customers can just go to a gas station to get food. Your customers come to you for a memory, whether they’re looking for an incredible experience with a loved one, or family and friends. It might be as simple as sitting at the bar and just wanting to be taken care and work from a laptop. Know matter what, your customers are looking for experiences and memories.

By taking care of all these boxes, you don't have somebody go, “Oh, my food is cold,” which disrupts their experience. Or, “Hey I'm missing a steak knife,” which disrupts the conversation.

What about long ticket times? When guests are wondering their food is, their experience is diminished.   

But when you take care of those things, the basics of running a restaurant, you allow people to enjoy each other, focus on each other and have an incredible experience.

That's Restaurant 101.

Everything I teach – the systems, the leadership, the management tips –doesn't matter if you don't have a great restaurant.

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