The 3 Best Things About Running a Restaurant

running a restaurant Oct 22, 2019

There are three things that make a running a restaurant absolutely amazing. As a 30-year veteran in the business, this is what I value about running a restaurant. Click the video below, or continue reading, for my take on what is great about running a restaurant.

Great Things About Running a Restaurant
There are three things I love about running restaurants. As a 30-year veteran of the restaurant industry, it's a disease for me! I can never get out. But I do love these things.

The first thing I love about running a restaurant is that we get to create memories for people. We're in the hospitality industry, and every time someone walks through your restaurant's door, you're offering an opportunity for a great memory. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a Tuesday, we get to be part of the memory making. Sharing the experience with someone else or dining alone, your restaurant is the setting for great memories. There are so many opportunities to impact someone's life.

The second reason I love being part of the restaurant industry and running a restaurant is that chance to create jobs. Whether you are a small restaurant with five employees or a large restaurant with more than a hundred employees, you get the opportunity to give back to the community be creating jobs for your community. You're a resource for people, providing a way for people to pay their bills and feed their families.

The third reason I love running a restaurant? I can make money! There. I said it. I can do what I love creating memories and offering hospitality. I can create jobs for my community and my employees and give back in that way. But at the same time I get to make money. I get to make money doing what I love. I can take care of my family and pay my bills.

And believe it or not, you can be profitable. You can carve out a 15-20% profit margin in your restaurant business. That's a reason to love running a restaurant. 

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