Why Restaurant Management Classes Make Sense

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Do you ever wonder how to transfer everything you know about running restaurants - especially your restaurant - to your managers? How do you teach your restaurant managers all that you know and get them to a point where you can trust them and hold them accountable? The secret is restaurant management classes. Watch this video, or continue scrolling, to learn why this is the trick to restaurant management training.

About Restaurant Management Classes

I've spent the last 16 years teaching restaurant owners AND managers how to run restaurants so they can have a great restaurant and a great life. To be able to run a successful restaurant, you have to have managers you can trust. And you're going to have to train them on an ongoing basis. Restaurant management classes are the answer to making the training consistent and successful.

Why are restaurant management classes so important? Why you should offer them to your managers and managers in training?

First, you don't know what you don't know. You know what you know based on your experience. I find a lot of times restaurant owners are doing something right, but they don't really know why they're doing it right. And that's hard to teach to a manager. Restaurant management classes teach the facts, the formulas, the calculations and all the necessary information.

Plus, not everyone is a good teacher. You may be an incredible operator, general manager, etc., but you may not be the best at explaining how to be such an incredible operator. And it can be very frustrating, leading to poor results. You end up doing it all yourself because no one seems to be able to figure it out - when really, you just haven't explained it well. In this case, you're hurting yourself, your restaurant and your employees. So restaurant management classes take you out of the role of teacher and remove the responsibility of teaching from you.

Another reason that it works to remove yourself from the training is that you're never an expert in your own backyard. When I was a franchisor, we had franchisees paying us 7% monthly gross sales, and they didn't want "corporate" in their building. People like me were there to help and teach, and they didn't want us. As soon as we sold the company, and I started my coaching company, they were all in. They all wanted me to help them and train them. They ended up paying me to teach them the same information I had when I was at the corporate office that they could have had as part of their franchisee fees. But they didn't want it because they didn't want to hear from their internal people - they didn't give us any credit.

This is the same thing in your restaurant. Your managers don't see you as an expert. Restaurant management classes teach them and then you have lessons to hold them accountable to. They get the information from an "expert" resource and then have to prove they understand it and can execute. You give them classes, then assess their understanding, taking yourself out of the equation.

And lastly, if you offer restaurant management classes, and you make better managers, you get the results you deserve. You get happy customers, happy team members, and you make the money you deserve. It's a winning opportunity for your business.

What is your favorite way to train your restaurant managers? Do you use restaurant management classes?

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