An Exceptional Restaurant Starts with Exceptional Restaurant Training

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An Exceptional Restaurant Starts with Exceptional Restaurant Training

While the last couple of years have made it difficult to focus on developing a great employee training system in your restaurant, I want to spend this episode diving into why training is so important to the success of your business. To do that, I’ve invited Joe Erickson to be my guest for this this episode of Restaurant Prosperity Formula podcast. Joe is the chief operations officer and a partner at He has owned and/or managed several restaurant/catering operations and now focuses on developing easy-to-implement, yet highly effective systems and processes to help members of improve their restaurants' efficiency, product utilization and most importantly, deliver a more consistent guest experience.

I invited Joe to be part of this podcast episode because he and his partner, Jim Laube, understand the fundamentals of how to run an independent restaurant and has created an extensive resource for restaurant owners through their monthly membership including hundreds of downloads, forms, and items such as employee handbooks and training manuals because they're good basic starting points for restaurant owners to cover the fundamentals of the business. also has restaurant success stories so others don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can see what other successful operators are doing.

During our conversation Joe goes into detail about:

  • How important training is
  • The consequences of not making training a priority
  • What makes training effective
  • How to start training your managers and team members as soon as today
  • Why company culture is the key to restaurant success
  • How training boosts your employees’ confidence
  • The importance of continuing to learn

Joe also talks about the Restaurant Owner Learning System available on, which teaches leadership skills and also some business skills such as prime cost and menu costing. The 16 and counting courses are for owners and managers and a micro-learning section that has more than 80 videos that educate, train and inspire.

Continue educating yourself and make this the year you invest in yourself, your leadership development, your training and your business.

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