How to Run a Successful Restaurant with Pandemic Conditions

Are you looking for the answer to how to run a successful restaurant with pandemic conditions? Is there a manual for that? Nope! We've never seen this before. It's crazy. Think about this though. Do you remember when you opened your restaurant? You remember how people said you were crazy? Do you remember struggling with cash flow as you were building your sales? You made mistake after mistake after mistake. And each one of those mistakes cost you money. Now, fast forward. And do you remember how you were feeling invincible before the COVID-19 pandemic hit? Our industry was having record sales, and we were seeing record profits. It was amazing. Click below or keep scrolling to read to talk about how to get back to that during a pandemic. 

If I know anything about restaurant owners – other than them being incredibly resilient – you work your butt off. And it was no different in the beginning when you first opened your restaurant. It was sheer will and effort that made your restaurant a success. You were willing to do whatever it took to bring your new baby to life.

In this pandemic, that’s where we are again. Back to where we started. Your sales dropped crushingly, your labor costs went up and your food costs went up. You found back in the kitchen, chopping and slicing and prepping. You had to do whatever it took to get through this. And now that it’s been this long, and you’ve probably found your stride in this altered reality, your goals are new. You’re no longer aiming for growth and a healthy profit margin. Instead, you’re trying to lose as little money as possible. 

It’s possible things will get back to relatively normal in foot traffic and dine-in capacity by summer of 2021, but until then, I need you to just hang in there. Tap into your resiliency. Be strong for your guests, your team members, your family and especially you. Because when the world gets back to normal, you will have survived and be in a position to thrive. I hate to say it, but the competition will be thinned out. A huge number of restaurants have closed and more are expected to close.

When you get on the other side, you are going to be around for decades to come! Focus on systems, your goals for your restaurant such as legacy and/or retirement, and doing all you can now to make sure you’re in the best position to take off running when the pandemic has cleared out of the way.

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