How to Use a Growth Mindset to Run a Successful Restaurant

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How to Use a Growth Mindset to Run a Successful Restaurant

In my work as a coach for restaurant operators, I’ve found that resilience and gratitude are key traits of gaining a growth mindset and for being successful. That’s why in this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I share with you how resilience and gratitude can be practiced daily to bring you a growth mindset. I cover examples of the differences between a fixed and a growth mindset, ways to build up your resilience and to practice gratitude as well as the importance of having a support system that encourages you to grow. When you can make resilience and gratitude a part of your daily life you become unstoppable.

As a restaurant coach I talk to a lot of restaurant owners each week and, unfortunately, a lot of them are only looking to me to validate all the people and circumstances in their lives that they think are making things harder for them. They have what is commonly referred to as a fixed mindset, always putting themselves in their own story as a victim. That fixed mindset is the root of their challenges rather than outside circumstances.

The flip side of that is the work I do with restaurant owners who have a growth mindset. These operators understand that bad things happen, but they also know they have the power to learn and grow from the challenges they face. People who have a growth mindset try to focus on what they can control in their lives instead of all the stuff that is out of their control.

Think about it this way: how easy is it for you to focus on all the crappy things that are happening around you or to you each day? It’s really easy, isn't it? I mean, crappy things are happening everywhere. Watch the news, go on social media, go to work, and you are bombarded with negativity.

I hope you’ll listen in as I talk about the importance of the right mindset in overcoming unexpected setbacks in your life and your business. I provide my own first-hand experiences with challenges and explain what you can do to start shifting your mindset if you think you’re spending too much time in the negative fixed mindset.

One thing that makes staying in a growth mindset easier and the trick to switching from negative to positive is practicing gratitude. You can actually change your mindset from fixed to growth by focusing on what you should be thankful for. Gratitude is a skill. It is something you can practice repeatedly. A muscle you can flex and make stronger. See, studies show that people who practice gratitude have considerably greater levels of contentment and mental health. They feel better. They feel better about their lives. I share some tips for how to practice gratitude.

As an entrepreneur, as a restaurant owner, you must be resilient. That’s why this episode is so important. I’m here for you, and I want to help you gain the skills you need to be a successful and resilient restaurant operator.

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