Marketing Strategies for Restaurants: How to Attract and Retain Customers

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Marketing Resources to Attract and Retain Restaurant Customers

The magic pill to restaurant success has always been increased your sales. Well, at least that's the adage, right? You can cure all ills with sales. Increase sales and if you're losing money, you're going to make money. Well, there is some truth to and there's some fallacy to that, but we're not going to get into that right now because my expertise is restaurant systems, not restaurant marketing. However, I have excellent access to true restaurant marketing experts, who can teach you marketing strategies for restaurants and how to attract and retain customers.

Let me start off by telling you that there are only three ways you can increase your sales.

  1. Get a new customer to walk through your door. Often, this is the most expensive form of marketing, but I have a restaurant marketing expert who can help you.
  2. Get your customers to spend more each visit. If you can get your average ticket up, your sales are going to go up. Again, I have a great restaurant marketing expert who can help you.
  3. Get your customers to come back more often. Imagine if they're coming once a week, if you could get them in a fifth or sixth time in a month, then your sales are going to go up. I have an excellent restaurant marketing resource for this one, too.

A friend of mine, restaurant marketing expert Matt Platt, in his book, “Restaurant Marketing that Works,” he teaches how to execute his proven marketing strategy of ABR: attract, build and retain loyal customers.

You can and should read his book to learn the ins and outs about ABR, but I'm going to share with you how you can shortcut the process. If you don't want to waste money, if you want a cost-effective way to attract new customers and keep them coming back more often, contact Matt and learn how his done-for-you marketing service can explode your sales. Many of my members – and I mean many – swear by his service. You can learn more about his service by visiting

Another friend of mine, marketing pro Eric Shellenberger, in his book series, “Restaurant and Bar Marketing,” he teaches restaurant owners how to stop falling for all the marketing gimmicks and social media policies. He teaches you how to dominate Google and how to increase your sales with his foolproof system of responding to online reviews.

Again, if you want to shortcut the process for a third of what a typical social media marketer would charge you, Eric will personally oversee the process for you. Many of my members swear by his services as well. You can learn more about his service at

Finally, if you really want to learn what every restaurant owner needs to know to be doing when it comes to restaurant marketing, you need to read “Gun to Your Head Marketing.” This book was written by a close friend of mine and marketing guru Kamron Karington. If you want to shortcut your way to getting your customers to spend more each visit and come back more often, then you need to sign up for Kamron’s loyalty app, Repeat Returns. My members have been using his app successfully for well over a decade. You can learn more about his app by visiting

Please note that I don't get paid for in any way for referring any of these services to you. These guys are really friends of mine, and I put my name on them. Each one of them has helped my members increase their sales, simplify their marketing efforts and have made them more money. That's why I'm sharing them with you. I want you to make more money, too.

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