No 1 Tip to Motivate Restaurant Managers

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No 1 Tip to Motivate Restaurant Managers

A restaurant owner who builds a team of reliable and accountable restaurant managers is primed for success. When you have a team of people to lead, it gives you as the restaurant the freedom to work on the bigger, more strategic business moves. So, how do you keep this team of restaurant managers motivated and headed in the right direction? In this video, I am going to share with you the number one tip to motivate restaurant managers.

Before I offer the number one tip to motivate your restaurant managers, I have to first let you know I’m making some assumptions about your restaurant.

First, you understand the importance of having a manager in every shift.

Second, you have systems in place for every aspect of your restaurant.

Third, you're willing to hold your manager's accountable.

Fourth, you have a positive work culture.

Now, if you can't attest to meeting those four criteria, what I'm going to share with you will still benefit you but on a much smaller scale.

One of your jobs as the leader of your restaurant is provide your team with a desire to be active and get stuff done. They need a reason to come in every day and give you their best. That’s what you’re trying to provide to them.

So, what is my number one tip to motivate your managers?

This tip came directly from a group coaching call. One of our members, Al, was talking about how he motivates his managers. It was a writer-downer. Everyone on the call perfked up at what he said and took notes. It was an a-ha for everybody. It’s funny because it is sounds so simple.

Al’s secret is to make sure everybody on his team understands the why.

He teaches everyone the why. He explains the why. That’s why we're implementing the system. Why we're making this change. Why we do things the way we do them.

When your managers understand the why, they understand why they need to get behind what you want done, how well you want it done and, more importantly, by when.

While this tip sounds simple, it really isn't.

It requires you to take time to fully explain what you want done and why you want it done. It takes thought, preparation and patience. These things are all key components to becoming a great leader.

If you want to motivate your restaurant managers, ensure you're not just directing in what you want done. Instead, explain the why so that they understand. Then you're going to get more out of your team.

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