One Restaurant Owner's Path to Success and the Choices He Made - Pod Ep 59

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One Restaurant Owner's Path to Success and the Choices He Made

When I talk about coaching, I’m talking about having tools and support to transform your restaurant and your life. Avery Ward, who is the CEO of Little Italy Pizza in Groveport, Ohio, is a shining example of a restaurant owner who knew there had to be a better way of doing things in his restaurant, so he signed up to be part of my restaurant coaching group.

When he joined the group, he was burning the candle at both ends, working his pizza oven every Thursday to Sunday, open to close. Now he’s never on the schedule, works from home, walks into the restaurant only when he has a manager meeting or when he wants to. He has a fully capable restaurant management team that is helping him explode his sales, service and profitability. His fiancé is growing their catering division for added revenue, and they're expanding the brand to a new location just a few blocks down to support all this growth.

In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Ward takes us on his journey from how he started working in the family business, to some of the things he wishes he’d done differently to now and what it's like to run the restaurant when you become the leader the restaurant needs.

You won’t believe it after listening to our discussion, but when he started working with me, he wasn’t convinced it would work. He talks about that journey from skeptic to believer and what he had to do to get to this point.

He explains:

  • How he came back to work in the family restaurant after working in the corporate world.
  • The growth the restaurant has had since he started working in it a few years ago .
  • The extremes he had to go to in creating recipe costing cards.
  • How a phone call from managers asking where to find the plunger was the breaking point for him to start looking for ways to be a better restaurant operator.
  • What he learned in my restaurant coaching program.
  • How his own management style has changed and how he’s growing as the leader of his restaurant.
  • How his life has changed since joining my restaurant coaching program.
  • His plans for the future and how he’ll get it done.

If you’re sure there has to be a better way of running your restaurant, listen to this episode for Ward’s story.

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