Restaurant 101 and Other Concepts for Independent Restaurant Success

Restaurant 101 is a concept I talk about for independent restaurant success. What does success look like to you? To me, restaurant prosperity is freedom from your business and the financial freedom you deserve. Is that something you're striving for in your Internet searches? When you watch my tips, are you looking for how to get better so you can achieve restaurant success? If you're looking to make the money you deserve, have a management team that knows what their job is, how to do it, how well it should be done and by when, and have freedom from your business, you're in the right place. Watch this video, or continue scrolling, for five tips to have independent restaurant success. 

Here are five tips for getting closer to restaurant prosperity and the things you wish you could do.

Number one is Restaurant 101. You have to make sure you deliver on that promise to your guests. That's hot food hot, cold food cold, a clean safe work environment for your guests and employees. You are giving WOW customer service and providing an incredible product. That's what we were put on this earth to do, right? To create memories. We have the pleasure and the privilege to create memories in people's lives. Whether it's a birthday party, an anniversary, or going out to lunch with a friend and having the best time. The memories of those celebrations and good times are anchored to your restaurant. Make sure you've mastered Restaurant 101 because that's the foundation to everything. If your restaurant sucks, who cares about anything else?

Number two, make sure you’re adopting systems just like the chains use. You won’t lose your independence, and you can love your guests and love your employees. But you can also make money. When you put systems in place, you really don't have to micromanage the process, but you do have to hold people accountable.

Number three, identify things that make you unique. As an independent operator, what makes you unique? Often, we refer to it in the marketing world as a unique selling proposition. That could be as simple as, hey, love your meal or it's free. Like, wow, well, you do that anyway. Why not put it out there? But it could be that unique margarita, that dessert, that one dish that only you make. Your style of service, your ambiance, the entertainment, don't care what it is. Find what makes you unique and exploit it. Teach everybody what it is. 

Number four, don't stray from what makes you unique. Right? If it's service, then make sure your service is the core of what you do, that it stays true to your core values. Everybody in your restaurant is going to be held accountable to what makes you unique. Often, we call those non-negotiables, right? For instance, if you're the best barbecue, you better be serving the best barbecue. If it is having the fastest service, you'd better be the fastest service. If you have the best product, it'd better be the best product. You must stay true to what makes you unique and that falls back on who you are, which are your core values.

Number five, get familiar with your numbers. You have to know your numbers. If you truly want to take your business to the next level, when I ask your food cost percentage, you can’t answer that you generally know what it is. You better tell me the exact number for this week! This is why: when you truly know your numbers, you read your financial reports, you know your balance sheet and P&L line by line by line, then you aren’t beholden to anyone. You don’t have to call your accountant or bookkeeper. That’s when you are truly taking ownership of your business and are on your path to success. Remember, this is about running a business that gives you the personal freedom from it and the financial freedom you deserve.

Restaurant success is in these five tips.

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