Restaurant Checklist to Manage Managers - Podcast Episode 4

Your restaurant checklist to manage managers – really, many checklists – is the principle foundation of a strong management team. Being known as the restaurant systems expert and after working with literally thousands of restaurant owners and managers around the world to implement systems in their restaurant to achieve prosperity, I know a thing or two about a strong management team. The truth is to have a strong management team you must start with setting your standards the way you want things done, even when and especially when you're not in the building. 

This podcast episode centers around this principle foundation: restaurant checklists. In this episode, I talk about:

  • A consult I was on back in 2010 that perfectly demonstrates the need and effectiveness of the restaurant checklist.
  • Why restaurant checklists are the key getting the most out of your restaurant business.
  • How a restaurant checklist for each job that needs to be done in the restaurant is the cure every restaurant owner needs to be sure things are done in their restaurants the way they want them done.
  • How a restaurant checklist is a great first step in delegating responsibilities to a restaurant management team.
  • Why most checklists don’t work and how to get them right.
  • The meaning of “clopen” and why you want to use a “clopen” philosophy in your restaurant.
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the tasks being completed on restaurant checklists.
  • Why checklists are the perfect training tool and morale builder for your restaurant managers.

You want to take your restaurant to the next level, you want to have financial freedom and freedom from your business. It starts with a great management team and the foundation to that are checklists. 

Listen to this episode, take what you learn, get out there, improve your checklists, implement them, hold people accountable and you're on your way to prosperity.

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