Restaurant Owner Was Burnt Out Until She Signed Up for Restaurant Coaching Ep 88

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Restaurant Owner Was Burnt Out Until She Signed Up for Restaurant Coaching

Jesi Cline is a restaurant owner who started her business as a bakery specializing in cupcakes and custom wedding cakes. While she found success, she was working endless hours to keep up with orders and had no time to be strategic with her business. When COVID hit, she needed to pivot and rebranded as Rosé Café, a fast casual breakfast, lunch and dessert cafe. And recently, she expanded her restaurant and doubled her square footage. With six years in business and eight years as a wife and mother, her life has been nothing short of busy.

In this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Cline shares her journey from being burnt out on the food industry to being a happy, motivated restaurant owner who can see only a bright future ahead of her.

Restaurant Owner Was Burnt Out Until She Signed Up for Restaurant Coaching

Cline opens up about the drastic shift in her life within just one year. Burnout was a constant companion when she was operating as a bakery, working over 100 hours a week. The severe burnout led her to re-evaluate her approach. Fast forward to today, with Rosé Cafe, she shares how implementing changes, taking days off to spend with her daughter, and having an implementor transformed her work-life balance. The key lesson here is the importance of recognizing burnout, adapting to change, and finding a balance that sustains both personal and professional growth.

Cline originally focused on custom cakes, but she realized the limitations of her specialized offerings, especially in a rural area. She explains her pivot to a cafe concept, incorporating breakfast and lunch items based on customer demand. The significant lesson here is about the flexibility to adapt, embracing customer feedback, and the value of diversifying your business to meet evolving market needs.

One of the unexpected but critical transformations in Cline’s entrepreneurial journey was the shift from being a technician to becoming an owner. The implementation of Jolt, a checklist software program, played a pivotal role in introducing accountability and systemization. This shift allowed her to step back, empower her team, and focus on strategic aspects of the business. The key takeaway here is the importance of transitioning from being hands-on in daily operations to being a leader who guides and shapes the business's overall vision.

Cline’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of adaptation, resilience and continuous learning in the entrepreneurial world. From burnout to balanced living, evolving business concepts to transitioning roles, her journey offers valuable insights for anyone navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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