The 2024 Guide to Running a Successful Restaurant: Back to Basics

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The 2024 Guide to Running a Successful Restaurant

 Running a successful restaurant depends on doing the basics right. I call it Restaurant 101. Let's take a step back to the basics with your 2024 guide to running a successful restaurant.

Restaurant success starts with restaurant 101

To kick things off, let's revisit Restaurant 101 – the foundation of any successful establishment. Remember the golden rule: hot food hot, cold food cold. But it's more than that; it's about having solid systems in place. Line checklists, prep systems, ordering protocols, and staffing guides ensure that your kitchen operates seamlessly. Staff training is paramount, and having a manager or supervisor on every shift is non-negotiable. This ensures your team is ready and your guests have the best possible experience.

Checklists and cash controls ensure accountability

Moving on to the next level, let’s delve into checklists and cash controls. Opening and closing checklists for all positions, including management, are crucial. To supercharge your checklists, consider using, an online checklist system that ensures accountability like no other.

When it comes to cash controls, precision is the name of the game. No rounding up or down – we want exact change. Implement and review your DSR tracker daily to keep a close eye on your numbers.

Restaurant systems are blueprint for success

Now, let's talk about the broader picture – restaurant systems. This involves having a comprehensive set of processes in place. A few essentials include:

  • Restaurant budget
  • Daily admin systems such as sales forecasting, DSR tracking, invoice logs, paid out logs and manager logs are fundamental.
  • Food cost management systems such as a key item tracker, waste tracker, and the Restaurant Checkbook Guardian.
  • Labor cost control systems such as my Restaurant Payroll Guardian, scheduling software and the labor discrepancy finder.
  • Monthly budget variance report allows you to evaluate where you hit or missed your budget and adjust systems accordingly.
  • Core values documentation helps you align your team's decisions with your core values for a unified approach.
  • Organizational chart establishes clear responsibilities with a detailed organizational chart.

Taking your restaurant business to the next level

When you're ready to elevate your restaurant management game, consider implementing advanced systems like:

  • Weekly prime budget variance report
  • Recipe costing cards
  • Weekly inventories
  • Ideal vs. actual product usage analysis
  • Dollars per labor hour worked analysis
  • Training systems for every position

If you're eager to learn more about these systems and take your restaurant to new heights, check out my coaching program at Click on the link in the upper right-hand corner to watch my free video series and opt in today.



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