This Restaurant Owner Transformed His Life with Restaurant Management Systems    

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This Restaurant Owner Transformed His Life with Restaurant Management Systems    

 The restaurant owners I work with every week are looking for transformation. They might be tired of working so many hours in the restaurant or frustrated by not being able to move the needle on things. Or they are missing out on life and want a better balance. Whatever their reason, the best part of my job is when a restaurant owner does the work and transforms their restaurant and life using the systems I teach. In this episode of “The Restaurant Prosperity Formula” podcast, I want to introduce you to a restaurant owner who has done the work and transformed his restaurant, the lives of his employees and the lives of his family in his family business. I’m talking to Matt Jacobs, owner of Ben Franklin's Taproom and Grille in Newcastle, Penn.

Matt, his dad and brothers opened a convenience store about six years ago with a small amount of food, but because of some changes to laws in their state, it resulted in a lot of competition that was created almost overnight. They decided to transition to a full-service. Neither Matt or his dad and brothers had restaurant experience, so after muddling through for a few years, Matt started on a path to make real change in his business, to take control. During our discussion he shares the incredible changes he made, how he got his life back and how every restaurant owner looking for this kind of transformation can do the same things.

Matt and I talk about:

  • The biggest problem they faced as restaurant owners.
  • His willingness to search for help so he and his family could run a successful restaurant.
  • The resources he used before joining my coaching program and what was good about each one.
  • How, even though things were getting easier with these resources, they still weren’t where they wanted to be.
  • Why structure was so important to his success.
  • An example of a great implementer.
  • The systems he started with to start saving on food cost.
  • How he built up a management team and it didn’t cost him profits.
  • The biggest unexpected changes that came from being part of my restaurant coaching program.

“I'd say the biggest improvement is I have time to grow it [the restaurant] like I want to. Instead of working in it, working on the shifts, working as an expo or a dishwasher, filling in or even floating as a manager, I have time to work on the marketing aspect, the Facebook, Instagram, that sort of thing,” Jacobs said.

Matt is somebody who has kicked some butt in my program, making huge changes in just one year. If you’re looking for more time with your family, for more organization in your family business, or you just want to run a better restaurant, listen to this podcast episode and be ready to inspired by Matt.

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