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How to Run a Restaurant that Competes with Chains and Franchises

If you want to know how to run a restaurant that competes with the chains and franchises, buckle up. While it may seem like they have all the advantages and a steady flow of customers, they pay dearly for both of these things. If you want to run a restaurant that competes with chains and franchises but allows you to keep your independence, here are three tips to outshine them and reap the same benefits. Click below to watch the tip or keep scrolling to read the whole thing.

Being an...

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Set Restaurant Prices to Make Money

Where should your restaurant prices be set? How do you set your restaurant prices for your food and drink so you can make money. Watch this video, or continue reading below, to learn the answers and move forward with a strategy for setting prices in your restaurant. 

A big question for restaurant owners is, "Where should I be priced?" When it comes to setting restaurant prices, there are three things I think about right away:

  1. Are you really, really good and can set your prices above...
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