Restaurant Business Ideas for Maximizing COVID 19 - Podcast Episode 10

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Restaurant Business Ideas for Maximizing COVID 19

The topic of this latest podcast episode again centers around the crisis restaurant owners find themselves in due to the re-enabled COVID-19 business restrictions. This episode is a result of so many of my members facing dining room closures, a Congress that has ignored the cries of the industry for way too long and thousands of people dying every day. What I have to share with you is both sobering and hopeful. 

First, the implementation of these restrictions on the restaurant industry have been devastating. Let me be clear, I believe we need to save lives, and I believe the pandemic is real. I also have a deep concern for the families that are impacted financially from restaurant owners who could lose everything to the line employees who could end up getting evicted from their homes because their jobs have disappeared.

On top of that, I'm absolutely pissed off at our federal government, at their absolute lack of interest in bailing out the largest employer in the United States, the hospitality industry. At the time of me recording this podcast, Congress is only now at the 11th hour trying to come up with some small corrective measure that could help, but the reality on the ground is that it's probably too late for too many.

From what I've seen, by the end of 2020, we could have lost almost 40 percent of independent restaurants in the United States. It makes me want to cry. These inconsistent and sometimes seemingly contradictory business restrictions make restaurant owners lose hope. Their sales dropped from thousands of dollars a day as they got their businesses back up and running, almost back to normal for many overnight, to closing again seeing sales drop back to the hundreds in one day.

Not to mention pivot fatigue is real. Back in March 2020 restaurant owners did whatever they could from becoming a grocery store to adding delivery for dine-in restaurants. This second round of business closures doesn’t offer the same pivoting opportunities, especially with the winter season upon us. 

That’s why in this episode, I’m talking about how to get yourself away from irrational thoughts and rash decisions, like closing without knowing all the numbers and all the facts. The vaccines are coming and that gives us a timeline to project for budgets and systems. Look to the future and think about the opportunities that could be available to you with 40 percent of your industry peers closed.

I'm here with you. I feel your pain. I'm doing everything within my power to help my members and with restaurant owners like you. Listen to this episode for action you can take now.

If you're tired of not being able to leave your restaurant because no one else knows how to run it, I want to make sure, you know, it doesn't have to be that way. You can leave your restaurant. It is possible to build a team of people who know how you want the restaurant to run with these trained and responsible people in place. You can give yourself time away.

What would you do if you had time away from your restaurant? Would you sleep better? Would your relationships improve? Would you feel more relaxed? These are all things you deserve to experience as a business owner. It's why we own our own businesses. If you would like to learn how to own a restaurant that doesn't depend on you to be successful. Click here to watch a free training course that teaches you exactly what you have to do.

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