Restaurant Owner Success Depends on THIS

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Restaurant Owner Success Depends on This

The latest episode of The Restaurant Prosperity Formula is out now and centers around what I see as entrepreneurs’ Achilles heel. I’ll tell you right up front is holding oneself accountable. What I share in this latest podcast episode is what I'm seeing as a game changer with my members, restaurant owners like you.

If you're struggling with what needs to be done in your business on a daily basis, then you'll want to listen to this episode. 

I’ll go out on a limb and say almost 99 out of 100 restaurant owners suffer from the challenge of holding oneself accountable.

But it’s not because you can’t. For example, you held yourself accountable, and you were really good at it, when you had a dream to open your restaurant. You put everything together from uniforms and music to flatware to what's on the walls and the types of tables you have, whether you have linens or paper, the menu. You took items from scratch and put love into them to create incredible dishes. You worked out how to communicate to your team what your vision is and training them. You shared your vision with your customers and got them to buy into your new concept.

You were able to hold yourself accountable from getting architectural plans to finding a location to doing all the things I just went through. You know what it takes to be successful. You're capable of it. You've done it.

The hiccup comes once your day becomes the same every single day, the running of the restaurant. It gets harder to hold oneself accountable. But to be successful in the restaurant business you must execute everything the same way every single day, the same exact way. Entrepreneurs tend not to be built that way. That's why you have managers. They make sure things get done the same way every single day.

How do you get that team of managers to lift the burden of the daily maintenance from your shoulders? What about the most successful restaurant owners I know and have worked with, what do they do?

They follow what I call the Restaurant Prosperity Formula. You might have read my book, Restaurant Prosperity Formula: What Successful Restaurateurs Do, found on Amazon. You may have listened to my YouTube videos or watch them. You may have seen me speak at a foodservice trade show, or maybe a training I’ve done. Maybe you've read an article I’ve written in a trade publication. In all these places, I’m talking about the Restaurant Prosperity Formula.   

It’s based on my experience with a mastermind group of 22 of very successful restaurant owners. We'd meet on a quarterly basis. We’d share challenges, brainstorm solutions and support each other. with What I learned during this time is the most powerful thing isn't what I teach; it's what you all share with each other because you still walk the circle. I'm the systems guy. I'm the numbers guy. I will help you change your life. But the truth of the matter is you're the one who must do the work. And so you need to have the right mindset, a growth mindset, where you face a challenge with the idea that you can work through anything. Nothing stops you. There is no “woe is me” approach.

I know you are this type of restaurant owner because you are consuming the lessons I share in whichever format you use. You are willing to explore new ideas and accept that you don’t know what you don’t know.

I've seen a lot and I've learned a lot every single day along the way that you have taught me. And that's where the Restaurant Prosperity Formula came from. Restaurant prosperity is freedom from your restaurant and the financial freedom you deserve. To get there, you must tackle your Achilles heel: self-accountability.

Now we're not all born leaders. That's one of the reasons why systems, a key part of the formula, are so powerful. They make up for our weaknesses. But if you don’t monitor the systems and hold your whole team accountable to them, they won’t work.

In this episode I break down how systems support every type of restaurant owner and what you need to do to be successful. Accountability is key, and I’ll share some ways you can hold yourself accountable and the kinds of resources you can look for to help you grow this practice.

At the end of this episode, you’ll understand why if you want to take your business to the next level, you must follow the Restaurant Prosperity Formula and make accountability a priority. Plus how holding yourself accountable is critical to your success.

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