You Know You're An Entrepreneur When...

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You Know You're An Entrepreneur When...

Let’s have a little fun and play a game I like to call, “You Know You're an Entrepreneur When…” Restaurant owners are definitely living that entrepreneur life, so join me and play along.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you find yourself answering simple questions via text message when you're not in the building at all hours of the day.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you feel like it'd be faster just to do it yourself instead of training someone else to do the task.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you're out to dinner with your family and friends, when your phone rings and you excuse yourself from the table to take the call, only to return when everyone's plates are finished.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you don't understand the concept of having a Friday.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you make sure everyone else is paid, even if it means you don't take a check.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... you're already overworked, so you let your team members get away with murder because you're afraid of losing them.

You know you're an entrepreneur when... even after all this you see a brighter future for yourself in the business.

As a restaurant owner and entrepreneur, I bet you can relate to all these. But you know what? It doesn't have to be that way. You didn't start your businesses to become a prisoner to it. You didn't start your businesses not to get paid.

In fact, you started your business with the idea that you'd have more freedom to do what you want, spend time with your family, do whatever you want, to have freedom. You started your business to not only provide for your families, but create real wealth, right?

Want to know something really great? You can flip the switch and have it all by following one very simple yet proven formula: the Restaurant Prosperity Formula™.

Heck, I've published a book on it. Look it up on Amazon ­– Restaurant Prosperity Formula: What Successful Restaurateurs Do.

Since I started coaching in 2003, I've watched hundreds and thousands of restaurant owners and managers change their lives following this formula. The formula consists of restaurant prosperity, freedom from your restaurant and the financial freedom you deserve.

To get to this goal, you must have:

Leadership. You must become the leader your restaurant needs.

Systems and training. You need a system, a process, a way to do anything and everything in your business. Plus, as owners, you must understand you don't know what you don't know. Go out, search for information, but more importantly, teach others on your management team what you learn. If you know it, then you’re the only one who can do it and that limits your freedom.

Accountability. Now, under systems and training, is a division symbol with accountability. If you have systems and you have training and you don't hold people accountable, who cares? Now, if you do it right, you teach them what the job is, how to do it, how well it should be done and more importantly, by when. Then accountability isn’t a negative. It's answerability because your team knows their jobs. They decide to do their job or not, and they're answerable for the resulting consequences. And that's huge.

Take action. After you put tools in place for leadership, you put systems and training in and hold your team accountable, you have one more piece of the formula: taking action.

My father had a phrase, ideas are cheap. It's the people who put them into action who are priceless. To make any of this work, to change your life, to flip that switch, to have the freedom you deserve and make the money you deserve, you must take action. Even if you make mistakes along the way, no matter what kind of business you run, the Restaurant Prosperity Formula gives you the ability to flip the switch, to start living the life you want.

Then we can play the game, “You Know You're an Entrepreneur When…” and you'll answer with, “Having the freedom to do what I want when I want and making the money I deserve.”

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