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What a Restaurant Coach Should Do

restaurant coach Jun 08, 2021

What is a restaurant coach and what should you expect from a coach? Why do you need a coach in the first place? Back in 2003, when I first started coaching independent restaurant owners, I viewed myself as a sort of corporate officer for independents, much like how franchisees have a corporate office. I was a hub for independent operators, teaching them systems and providing support. But as much as I taught them the ins and outs of running a restaurant, there were so many who couldn’t...

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What Does a Restaurant Coach Do?

If you’re searching for a restaurant coach, I want to help you decide if you need one and what you should expect a restaurant coach to do for you in your restaurant. Watch this video, or continue scrolling, to learn more about what a restaurant coach does.

So, what does a restaurant coach do?

I understand restaurant coaching because I've been doing it for 16 years, helping independent operators make more money and get their life back. I help restaurant owners put a management team in...

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New Book Teaches How to Run a Restaurant Successfully

For Immediate Release 

New Book Teaches how to Run a Restaurant Successfully

Written by a restaurant industry expert and coach, this restaurant book outlines exactly what the most successful restaurant owners do

(Jan. 8, 2020 – PHOENIX) The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses. In an industry where most restaurants have a profit margin of less than 5 percent, one man teaches restaurateurs how to carve out a 15 to 20 percent profit margin. David...

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