What Does a Restaurant Coach Do?

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If you’re searching for a restaurant coach, I want to help you decide if you need one and what you should expect a restaurant coach to do for you in your restaurant. Watch this video, or continue scrolling, to learn more about what a restaurant coach does.

So, what does a restaurant coach do?

I understand restaurant coaching because I've been doing it for 16 years, helping independent operators make more money and get their life back. I help restaurant owners put a management team in place so they can have the freedom to leave their business. What does that mean? How do I do that?

A good coach is priceless

Have you ever been in sports? My experience in sports is as a rower. I was so good in high school that I got a scholarship to a D1 school. I sat on my butt and rowed backwards on the Charles River in Northeastern University for my rowing scholarship. It was a major achievement for me, and I can tell you I would have not been so successful without my coaches. They taught me what I needed to do to be successful. My coaches pushed me to get the most out of me. My coaches made sure they pushed my mental buttons when I was having a bad day a good day – or whatever – to get the most out of me.

I can tell you that for me to be successful as a rower, when I was younger, I had to have a coach.

Our best athletes are no different. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, their success is in large part due to their coaches. You may know what to do, but we often need somebody to help us with that fine tuning, that push, that nudge.

So that’s what a coach is. How does a restaurant coach help you in your restaurant?

Number one, they should teach you restaurant systems you need to put in place to make the money you deserve. The systems that allow you to be able to impose your will without being there. Systems that allow managers to be there and still operate like you're there every single day. I don't care if you want to hug every chair and table and never leave your restaurant, but the restaurant shouldn’t require you to be in the restaurant to operate. A restaurant coach should teach you the systems, the processes, a way of doing anything and everything in your business and having it done your way.

Number two, a restaurant coach is going to help keep you and your team on course. A good coach isn't just going to guess what should work for your restaurant. I can’t tell you how often I get asked, “What should my food cost be?”

How the heck should I know if you don't have a budget, a set of core values, your price point, your style of service, your product quality and where you’re located. How do I know if I don't know what your challenges are,  what you're doing well, what you're not doing well, where you need to improve, what systems you already have in place, what systems you're not using and what new systems you need. 

A restaurant coach is going to not only help keep you on the path, but they're going to give you that path, that plan. To make the money you deserve to have your life.

Number three, a good restaurant coach isn’t going to accept excuses for why you're not getting success out of your business, why you can't leave your business. A good restaurant coach gives you the solutions, teaches you and your team and then holds you accountable to those solutions.

That's what a great restaurant coach does for you.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, if you're looking to have the freedom you deserve and make the money you deserve, you need a restaurant coach. I definitely have the systems. If you think I’m a good style of coach for you, one that can push all the right mental buttons for you and keep you on course to reach your goals, complete the form below.


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