Proven Strategies to Help Managers Boost Restaurant Performance

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Proven Strategies to Help Managers Boost Restaurant Performance

As a restaurant owner your success is wholly dependent on the success of your managers. I cannot stress this enough. Let me ask you: Why do you have managers? There is really only one answer to this question and that's to ensure the process is working. Let’s talk about unleashing your managers’ potential and the proven strategies to boost restaurant performance.

What is the role of a restaurant manager? On a very basic level, it's simple:

  • Scheduling
  • Controlling costs of goods sold
  • Training the team
  • Managing the floor
  • Controlling cash
  • Executing on budget
  • People management
  • Executing restaurant 101
  • Creating great hospitality
  • Helping you become an employer of choice
  • Anything and everything to ensure the restaurant operates without any problems

In short, your managers directly impact the business’s profitability and reputation. When they fail to do their job, they affect the restaurant.

To make sure you find the right managers to do these tasks well, let's talk about what are some of the key qualities a good manager should have? 

A great manager has:

  • A great attitude
  • A desire to provide great hospitality
  • A willingness to learn
  • Fits your company culture
  • A general understanding of the restaurant business
  • Good leadership skills and ability to get the team to do more
  • Great communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • An ability to be coached

Weekly manager meetings are a must because this is where your set your weekly goals and help your managers focus their energy to move the business forward.

As a restaurant owner your must provide your managers with motivation and recognition. These are in addition to regular training, setting clear expectations and setting goals.

Here are resources you can provide to your restaurant managers to help them grow in their role:

  • Financial direction and budgets
  • Human resources technology tools or just plain information
  • Encourage autonomy
  • Foster a culture of feedback
  • Recognize and reward good performance
  • Facilitate work-life balance

Once you realize how important your managers are to your restaurant’s success, you can start implementing the systems necessary to help them be successful. This is how you unleash your manager's potential and boost your restaurant’s performance.

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