Restaurant Solutions for Independent Restaurants to Make Money

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I’ve launched a new podcast to continue teaching restaurant owners like you the Restaurant Prosperity Formula™ and how it’s based on restaurant solutions for independent restaurants to make money.

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I created the Restaurant Prosperity Formula after coaching independent restaurant owners since 2003. After some time, I started to notice the most successful restaurant owners did some common things on a daily basis to achieve their success.

The basic premise of the formula centers around how to achieve prosperity, freedom for your restaurant and the financial freedom you deserve. The basic premise is restaurant solutions, which I prefer to call restaurant systems.

I’ve built a reputation for myself as the restaurant systems expert, and I'm extremely passionate about how systems are the key to how restaurant owners can impose their will and know things will get done their way, even when they're not in the building. Restaurant solutions, or restaurant systems, are an integral part of achieving restaurant prosperity and the restaurant of your dreams.

In the episode I share with you:

  • What I mean when I talk about restaurant solutions or restaurant systems, which I think of as synonymous.
  • The three skill sets you must have to be successful in this business, whether you're a restaurant owner or restaurant manager.
  • The difference between imposing your will while in the building and when you’re not in the building.
  • Why restaurant solutions or restaurant systems allow you to stop managing people’s personalities.
  • How restaurant solutions for independent restaurants are different than restaurant software and supporting tools.
  • The 23 stages of the Restaurant Prosperity Formula.

If you really want to dig into why restaurant systems are the best restaurant solutions, what it takes to be effective with restaurant systems and the different phases of putting restaurant solutions in place, the 23 Stages of the Restaurant Prosperity Formula is what you want to know more about. So, when I talk about imposing your will, restaurant solutions, restaurant systems, I am talking about making sure you are trying to do things your way.

The industry is blowing up because of COVID-19. If you didn’t have systems in place already, I want you to know, if you're thinking you can go back to the old way of running your business, you are wrong. If you don’t start putting restaurant systems in place now, you won’t have a restaurant when this pandemic is over. The bright side is you’ve been provided an opportunity to throw out all of your bad habits – like making decisions based on your gut instead of a real budget or recipe costing cards ­– and make a change today.

If you want that path, if you truly want to know where you are, complete a free restaurant evaluation. It's a great way to identify immediate opportunities where you can make things better in your restaurant. Take 15 minutes and download your 25-page custom report and it will show you every gap and what you need to do to make the money you deserve.

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