What Are Restaurant Startup Costs

restaurant costs Aug 08, 2019

What are restaurant startup costs? A better question is what does every restaurant have to have in place before they can be truly successful?

Watch the video below (or keep reading) to learn the costs you must consider when starting up a restaurant.

Many restaurant owners operate from a more spontaneous place. I'm very familiar with it as I operate the same way. It's more of a "Ready. Fire. Aim." kind of approach. You just want to get stuff done and it's hard to be patient and take the...

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Prime Cost Is Your Key to Making Money

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2019

Do you know your prime cost? 

For decades, restaurants have been run with one key number in mind. This magic number ensures that the owners make money. It’s called prime cost. To old timers like me, it used to be called controllable expenses, in the control of management on a daily basis on how they hire, fire, schedule their team members to purchasing and utilizing products. 

Prime Cost = Total Cost of Goods Sold + Total Labor Cost

My goal is to teach anyone who is...

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New Restaurant Training Courses Coming Soon

Hi restaurant friends! This is David Scott Peters, restaurant systems expert, speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. For the past 16 years, you've known me as the founder of TheRestaurantExpert.com and the creator or SMART Systems Pro, online restaurant management software.

After building the industry's best all-in-one restaurant operations software on the market, my business partner (who was a former member) and a group of current members (users of the software), got together to buy my...

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